10 Jun

5 Movies Jesse's approached by after Academy nomination Unknown

1. Predisposed - Production/Leading role
Piano prodigy, in other words, hand porn, a lot of hand porn. Well, to be honest, I don't think this indie movie is going to be very interesting. It could be another Holy Rollers, which means 5.0 rating for the story but 9.9 rating for filming Jesse in the most beautiful manner.

2. Bop Decameron - Pre-production/Co-casting
Though I've never been into any Woody Allen movies, this must be Jesse's favorite. With more and more cast announced, I get less and less confident about how significant role Jesse will be playing. He may end up just filming a small part of it, like a 20 minutes short story. Whatever, as long as he enjoys working with Woody Allen, this should be great.

3. The Terrorist Search Engine - Rumor/Leading role
Another sexy geek? Already being the sexiest geek alive! Anti-terrorism prodigy, post-911 era, Internet, Generation Y, this sounds like another Academy candidate from day one. And don't forget Scott Rudin is behind it. I see this as the best opportunity for Jesse to win a major acting award before turning 30.

4. While We're Young - Rumor/Co-casting
It would be sweet to see the reunion of Jesse and Noah Baumbach. But the storyline sounds even more boring than The Squid And The Whale, everyone is fucking around and everything is fucked up. This could be a painful movie to watch. Some would love it, but it's too Sundance to me. Again, Scott Rudin is behind this!

5. Now You See Me - Rumor/Leading role
Magician heist sounds like a summer movie (action comedy?) but not necessarily a blockbuster since it's from Summit Entertainment. It could be an interesting story and Jesse may try a totally different role. But what I feel a bit worried is the director, Louis Leterrier (Clash of the Titans),  It would be great to see Jake Gyllenhaal in this as well, who probably fits in the FBI side more.
2011/06/11 11:39 emlary Email Homepage
其实我很满足了 看看上面这些新戏 基本都是主演或重要角色
再也不是制片方请不起谁谁谁的廉价替代品了 再也不是捉襟见肘拍一百万预算独立电影没人理的小演员了
现在有的是本子送到他面前任由他挑选 还有金牌制作人和大厂捧他
就算是只能容纳179位观众的小舞台 他的大梦想也即将实现了
2011/06/11 11:30 emlary Email Homepage
这个很早NYTIMES搞的……演技这种见仁见智的东西争起来没意思 我甘当脑残粉
2011/06/11 10:25 eccoeve
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